About Us

Nitin, Lux and Vickram founded Firstinfintech Private Ltd in Singapore with the vision of simplifying processes in Retail Forex space and reducing cost.

A natural starting point for the team was the area of Money Exchange, wherein they floated the first product named “MeX”, which stands for Meet.eXchange.

About us

What is MeX ?

Simply put, MeX is a platform that helps travellers to meet virtually and exchange money.

While a lot of disruption has been occurring in the remittance and payments market, the travel market has remained static. This is largely because it is very niche and considered to be the lowest in the entire stack of Foreign Exchange market. The travel segment has consequently seen very little innovation over years.

What’s different with MeX ?

Existing popular solutions in forex such as prepaid cards involve huge spreads, with customers paying as much as 1,000% difference over interbank transaction rates. Our P2P platform, MeX, aims to reduce the spreads so that end users can travel and exchange money in peace, instead of being exploited.

MeX provides a convenient and almost zero cost solution in the form of a virtual money changer where we match users’ orders.

About us

A Product Backed By Deep Expertise

Collectively the founders of MeX have over 45 years of experience in Forex, e-commerce, Risk & Regulatory industry.

As experienced financial markets professionals, we possess in-depth understanding of currency exchange market, underlying liquidity for institutional/retail clients and the electronic transactions. Our product reflects this expertise, as well as our comprehensive grasp of the requisite systems connectivity and the costs involved.

By tapping into our extensive network, we have connected with IT professionals with relevant skills to build a robust and user-friendly software platform.

Our IT Partner

MeX is currently developed and maintained by Blackchalk IT Services, which contributes heavily across all aspects, from infrastructure to the business development.

Blackchalk IT Services is owned by Ashwin Ramachandran who played a key role in in the early 2000s in introducing cloud platforms to several sectors . The company offers a suite of IT products and also provides IT services for building applications.

Company & About us

MeX is a product by Firstinfintech Private Limited, a Singapore company. At Firstinfintech Private Ltd., we aim to create solutions for Retail Forex market in different areas. Our company profile – 

  • –  Incorporated in May 2016 in Singapore as a Private Limited Company 
  • –  First version of Product development started in Nov 2016
  • –  Beta version release – March 2017 
  • –  Testing and feedback – June 2017 
  • –  Development partnership signed with BlackChalk – Aug 2017 
  • –  Second version of MeX started – Sep 2017 
  • –  Legal documentation and MAS clearance – Aug 2017 – Oct 2017 
  • –  Product Launch (iOS) – Mar 2018 , Android (coming soon) – Aug 2018
  • –  Current customer base ~ 50 users 
  • –  Completed transactions – >250 exchanges on South East Asian and South Asian pairs.

Our Team




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Technology Partner Blackchalk