Foreign Exchange in Singapore

 Foreign exchange in Singapore usually requires a trip to money changers, but with MeX people can get forex at best rates without paying commission.

A nagging worry every traveller has before a trip abroad is finding time for getting the necessary foreign currency.Buying Foreign Exchange in Singapore usually means a trip to the bank or the money changer offering best rates, an added chore on top of the many other things to be juggled before you leave.  But a simpler option is available now.

Introducing Meet.eXchange or MeX

Featuring an innovative a peer-to-peer exchange mechanism for foreign currency exchange, MeX provides a modern solution for foreign exchange.

Under this system, rather than institutions, an app matches up people having complementary orders, allowing them to exchange currency at competitive rates and as per their convenience.


Give Money Changers A Miss

Good deals on foreign exchange are usually found among money changers in Singapore’s CBD area. If a trip there isn’t possible travellers have to settle for less-than-attractive rates offered by the local money changers or banks.


With MeXdepending on money changers for Foreign Exchange in Singapore is no longer necessary.

No commission or fees

Money changers including banks charge a significant commission on every transaction, which can result in losses of 2-10%. But since MeX is direct and one-on-one, there is no need to pay any kind of commission or fee.


No more waiting in queues

With MeX, there is no need to hunt down money changers and stand in lines. Currency exchange happens between individuals at a time and place decided by them according to their convenience

Exchanges set at live rate

Transactions on MeX are finalized using live rates as seen online on reputable sites like XE. This ensures that the rates used are transparent and fair to both parties. No more hunting for money changers with best rates!


Safe & legal alternative

Although the concept is new and different, it is perfectly legal. The app functions as a facilitator and connects users with matching need. There are several safety features inbuilt such as mandatory KYC norms and ID verification to protect users.

MeX – A Simple, Intuitive Way Of Money Exchange

Getting Foreign Exchange in Singapore now easy :

Create a profile

Sign up on the app with the required documentation to create a verified profile.


Create an order

Set up an order detailing your currency requirements with just a few clicks including the type of currency and the amount.


Review available options

The app will now provide a list of available orders that closest match your need using your location. You can tweak your order for better availability.

Initiate chat with best option

Start chatting with the user whose order best matches with your need. If you can come to an agreement, you can finalize the transactions.


Lock down on the transaction

Once both parties have agreed to the transactions, the app capture the final specifics include total amount to be exchanged, the location and date/time.


Meet up

Meet up for the physical exchange of currency at the time and place agreed upon.

Take back control with MeX and sign up today for a fuss-free experience.