Foreign Exchange

Getting best Singapore Exchange Rates can be a tedious process but with MeX travellers are assured of getting a good deal on their forex transactions.

Buying foreign exchange at best rates can be a challenge even for experienced international travellers. Every money changer quotes a different rate, leaving customers wondering if they are being ripped off.

Generally in Singapore Exchange Rates are most competitive amongst money changers in the CBD area. However it can be difficult for travellers to plan a trip there every time. Unfortunately this means a monetary loss as local money changers or banks give far less attractive rates.


MeX – A Smarter Solution to Money Exchange


MeX (Meet.eXchange) is a peer-to-peer exchange system which eliminates the middlemen and matches individuals with complementary currency exchange needs via an app.

A completely safe and legal solution, MeX can make the money changing process simpler and easier while ensuring best rates .

No Commissions or fees 

All money changers charge extra fees of commission on currency transactions which mean losses in the range of 2-10% for buyers. With MeX you no long need to shell out for any kind of fees .


Direct Transactions No Middlemen

MeX facilities direct interaction between users with matching needs removing the need to go through money changers. This gives users more choice and more flexibility.


Exchange At Live Rates 

Transparency is a  big advantage of this system. Transactions on the app use live rates as available on reputable online sources, making the process clear to both parties.

Legal For Use

Using MeX is perfectly legal under Singapore regulations as it acts as a connecting service. The app enables users with matching needs find each other easily making it a facilitator.


Inbuilt safeguards for Users 

The app has included several features to protect its users. Profiles are verified to post only after user uploads necessary documentation such as KYC proof, ID authentication. The app also suggests public place as default option for conducting a transaction.


Exchange At Your Ease 

Instead of having to hunt out a money exchanger with good rates, with MeX you can make the exchange as it suits you. Meet ups are suggested at public spots like malls or MRTs.

Get Best Singapore Exchange Rates With MeX

All these advantages make MeX the natural choice for those planning a trip abroad.

  • If you are wondering how the system works, here is an quick overview
  • You sign up on the app with the requisite authenticating proofs
  • You can now post your requirement by creating an order with all details (eg. buy GBP 1000)
  • Choose from the matching orders listed by the app, which are sorted based on your location and requirements.
  • Chat with the chosen users to discuss finer details of the transaction
  • Once both parties agree, the app captures the final details such as the rate used, total amount to be paid and day/time for exchange.


Meet up and exchange as agreed on the app!

Don’t settle for outdated ways to get forex and try out MeX today!