Money Exchange in Singapore

Get best rates for money exchange in Singapore with our unique service MeX in which an app connects people locally with matching needs for money change. Planning an international trip? Of the dozens of things to be done before you jet off, getting money exchange is amongst the top.

Heading to one of the Singapore money changers has been the easiest way so far to get the foreign currency you need. However this popular method has a downside.  With different money changers typically offering varying rates, there is no guarantee that you are getting the best rate for your money.

A Fresh Approach to Money Exchange – MeX

MeX(short for Meet.eXchange) is an innovative solution for money exchange that ensures best rates and least fuss.

So what is MeX?

A brand new take on currency exchange.

MeX is a peer-to-peer exchange mechanism where no institutions are involved. An app matches up people with complementary requirements and allows them to exchange currency at competitive rates.

How does it work?

Suppose you need USD 1000, 

1) You post an order on the app once you have signed up

2) The app looks up users who have the necessary US dollars  closest to your location and provides you with a list

3) You pick the best option among the list and initiate a chat with them

4) Once you agree on the transaction including the location, the  app captures the final details

5) You meet up to exchange money.

That’s it.


With MeX, you are no longer at the mercy of Singapore money changers as it gives you control of the money change transaction.

Innovative peer-to-peer service :

As a one-of-a-kind service, MeX links up users with matching needs across Singapore. The app eliminates the need for middlemen and puts individuals in direct touch.


No commission to be paid:

Money changers charge a commission on every transaction, which means you end up losing upto 5-10% every time. With MeX you bypass the money changer completely and so avoid the extra charges.


Convenient and hassle–free:

Since the app uses your location to identify possible matches, you may well get the foreign exchange you need in your own neighbourhood.

Currency Exchange at live rate:

To ensure fair rate of exchange the app provides the latest live rates (as seen on reputable online sources) which can be used to agree on the rate for the transaction. This feature helps reassure users that transactions are being priced at the right rates.


Safe and legal:

As a facilitating service, MeX does not need to be licensed under Singapore’s Money Changing and Remittances Act.  The app has however put in safeguards to protect users

Authenticated profile: Users are allowed to post orders only all necessary steps including KYC documentation, photo upload  and Facebook login are completed during sign up.

Public places set as default: To promote safety for users, the  app allows only public places like malls to set as the location for  the meet up. However users can choose to meet at private locations if they so desire.

So forget about rushing to Singapore money changers and exchange your currency with MeX .