Money Exchange

Money Exchange Apps can help travellers get the best exchange rates for their forex transactions. MeX is a great choice as it connects users with matching needs directly.

Looking for foreign exchange? 

Rather than stressing finding money changers with best rates in Singapore, solutions like Money Exchange Apps can help you in getting a better deal on foreign currency exchange.

With MeX, foreign exchange transactions are simpler and far more convenient.


Take Back Control With MeX

Instead of going through institutions, MeX uses a peer-to-peer exchange mechanism for foreign currency exchange.

Taking an innovative approach the platform connects users with matching forex needs via an app, and facilitates transactions based on fair and best priced rates.

Enjoy Advantages Of No Middlemen

No Commissions, fees or charges 

Money changers charge fees which can add up, costing you anywhere between 2% to 10% of your transaction. With MeX you skip the middlemen and deal directly with users having the currency you need.

Fair And Transparent Exchange Rates

More often than not, every money changer has a different rate depending on factors like currency, stock and demand. Savvy travellers typically have to compare rates to ensure they are not being ripped off. However with MeX, there is assurance that the rates are fair as the app bases the transaction on data from online reputable sources.

No Legality worries 

Since MeX acts as a facilitating platform, it does not need to be licensed. However MeX has taken ample care to safeguard users with requirements like KYC and ID verification.


Transactions At Your Convenience 

Rather than having to hunt for the best money changer and standing in a line, travellers can use MeX to find users with complementary forex needs closest to their location. Users can agree on the physical exchange at a date/time and location of their choice, reducing stress typically associated with currency exchange.

Get Started With MeX With Just A Few Clicks

The range of advantages from using Money Exchange Apps like MeX clearly beats going to money changers.

Getting started on MeX is easy and simple. Here’s how you can do so in just a few minutes

Set up a verified profile

Sign up on the app providing all the necessary documentation which confirms you as a verified user.

Create an order 

Next step is to posting your order with the details of the currency you need(eg. INR 2000).

Review list of options

Using details of your order and your location, MeX will show you a list of options that are closest to your requirements. At this stage, you can modify your order for better availability.

Chat with users

Once you find order or orders that match your need, you can initiate a chat with the users to see if you can close on the transaction.

Finalize the transaction 

Once you have agreement with the other user, the Money Exchange App confirms the transaction with final specifics such as the day of exchange, total amount to be exchanged and the location.

Meet up

All that is left is to meet up to do the actual currency at the date and time agreed upon.