Online Money Exchange

Online money exchange has potential to make money exchange a trouble-free experience. As a connecting platform MeX matches up users with matching forex needs.

Shopping, banking, travel bookings–just a few things made easier with the online revolution.

Foreign exchange has however not changed much over the years. Most people still go to money changers, looking for best rates and then stand in a queue to buy the foreign exchange they need.

But fortunately Online Money Exchange which offers a host of advantages is more accessible today. One of the best ways to experience the ease of this new approach is with MeX


Simplifying Money Exchange with MeX

MeX or Meet.eXchange is a simple and innovative solution for money exchange.

Based on a peer-to-peer exchange system MeX eliminates the middlemen and links up individuals with complementary needs via an app.

Just a few clicks in the comfort of your home and you get the foreign currency you need at your convenience at best rates possible.


How does MeX Work?

Using MeX for online foreign exchange is a hassle-free experience


Sign up 

Start the process by uploading all requisite details on the app to create a verified profile.


Place an order  

Create your listing with details of the currency you need and the amount (eg. AUD 500).


 Review options 

Choose best option from the list of closest matching orders thrown up by the app based on your location. Fine tune your order in terms of the amount if required .

Interact with matched users 

Initiate a chat with users who you think are best suited to your needs. You can chat with multiple people and close the deal depending on your preference.


Confirm the deal  

Once finalized, the app helps capture the agreed specifics of the transaction including the date and location of the exchange, the rate and the total amount payable.


Meet up for the exchange 

All that is left is to meet up at the agreed place to exchange the currency!

MeX: Making Online Money Exchange A Breeze


With MeX, getting the foreign currency is no longer a tedious chore. Acting as money changer online, the app transforms the entire process into a stress-free experience

Tangible savings on every transaction 

Money changers charge a commission/fee on every transaction which can range anywhere between 2-10% of the total amount. This translates into loss for you as a customer.


Exchange currency as per your convenience 

The exchange can be fixed at a time and place that takes into account your convenience . While the app suggests public places for safety reasons, there are no restrictions.

Transparency in exchange rates

A key advantage of this service is that the exchange rate used is as seen online on reputable sites. Both parties thus have access to the actual rates used to finalize the transaction unlike in the case of money changers

No legality concerns 

Even though the system is new , it is legal as per regulations since MeX is a facilitating service.  The app has put in several safeguards like KYC documentation and ID verification in order to secure users.

Try MeX today to enjoy the convenience of Online Money Exchange.